allthegoodies main focus area is, as the map shows, Europe. We have more than 100 videos from London, a lot of different destinations all over France - from Paris to the Pyrinees, from Bay of Arcachon to the French Alps. Central Europe includes Switzerland, Germany,  Austria and the Netherlands. We have visited several areas in Spain, both in north, in Barcelona and the Bealaric Islands - and Gran Canaria. We have a pin in the Mediterranean, which links to different cruises. And we have visited northern Italy - Milano and Venice.


But we have also expanded our radius cover both Africa, Asia and the USA during the last couple of years.


In our Specials area (from the top menu), we present a destination more thoroughly. In addition to hotels and restaurants, we suggest attractions and give you useful tips about the destination - and sometimes top lists


Select the destination you want to explore from the map OR the menu under the map and enjoy our videos !