The world's largest particle physics laboratory and European Council for Nuclear reserach (CERN) is located in Meyrin,  just outside Geneva in Switzerland.


The area is known to most of us from movies like Angels and Demons and CERN. In addition to be a very important research area in areas like particle acceleration and matter/antimatter, it is also the birtplace of the World Wide Web. By this we mean the graphic interface of the Internet.


Visit CERN for "The Globe of Science and Innovation", the fantastic architectural wooden globe landmark, with the interactive installation named "Universe of particles"  inside.


Also visit the buildings on the other side of the street, where you can learn more of matter and antimatter, and see parts of the particle accelerator which lies about 100 m below the surface and occupies a huge area spanning from the laboratory to the airport and almost to the centre of Geneva. The exhibition explains how the accelerator works, how the particles are brought up to the right speed before they crash into each other. You can also see a small section of the huge "tunnel" with all the particles "fly around".


If you want to stand out in the physics class back at school, you can visit the gift shop and bring back some evidence that you are familiar with the CERN laboratory, maybe a red helmet with logo or a more discrete pen...



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