- about allthegoodies -

allthegoodies is a YouTube travel channel and content developer which focus on exclusive and cool places and things to do. Our goal is to present exciting content and useful information in all of our videos. Each video present a single place - a hotel, a restaurant, an attraction or different tips about a location. By watching a video, you should have enough information to make up your own opinion  to decide if you like the place or not, and enough information to find the place - if you like it.


We are travellers. With background and experience from shipping worldwide and management consulting, strong roots in Copenhagen, master studies and long and frequent visits to London and experience as a chef in Paris (at Le Grand Vefour), we have experience from both sides of the table. Our excellent network tip us about new and exciting places which we visit as soon as we can.


Our website reflect all our Youtube videos and are an extendion of our Youtube channel. It is tailor made for the iPad and other tablets, and for smartphones.


We are always ready for feedback from our users - good or bad. Please let us know if a place is not up to standards. We would hate to recommend a place that is either closed or has dropped its standard, and thus no longer a allthegoodies place.



New Goodies for allthegoodies.


allthegoodies relies on friends of allthegoodies. When you get the allthegoodies understanding, please let us know about new Goodies you may find and share them with us. We cannot possibly eat at every restaurant or stay at every hotel. allthegoodies will always present a list of new places that have opened, and that may have allthegoodies potential, but have not yet been tried by us. So if you feel adventourus please try them and send us your impression of the place



We are thankfull for all your feedback, so please use the contact form to the right or contact us at info@allthegoodies.com.